Regional Science Centre, Jaipur

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Regional Science Centre, Jaipur

The ‘Regional Science Centre, Jaipur’ has been set up by National Council of Science Museums, an autonomous society under the Ministry of Culture, Government of India with active support of the Department of Science & Technology, Government of Rajasthan. The Centre through its interactive science exhibitions and non-formal science education programs is expected to cater the people of the region.

The Government of India and Government of Rajasthan equally shared the capital cost of Rs. 850 lakhs.

The Science Centre having a built-up area of approx 4000 sq mtrs. Houses three exhibition galleries, a temporary exhibition hall, an inflatable dome planetarium, science demonstration area, Activity corner, an air conditioned auditorium, 3D theater facility, a library cum conference hall, a small workshop for maintenance and development of exhibits and other public facilities.

Frontiers of Astronomy

The gallery depicts how human understanding of the cosmos has changed over time as mankind continued to innovate and use different principles of science and technology for better understanding of the cosmos. The gallery shows cases the historical developments in the field of astronomy both form the world perspective and also Indian perspective. India is one of the very few countries which have used frontiers of space technology of empowering its citizens. The gallery takes the visitors to face the most intriguing questions that are concerns in astronomy today and the exhibits like weighing the universe’ measuring the universe’ and ‘mapping the universe’ offering plausible answers to these questions. In the exploring the universe’ exhibit the visitor can interactively investigate all the space exploration missions taken up by man so far.

Interactive exhibits, artifacts, multimedia and other state of art audio/ visual display have been used to make the understanding of our cosmos easy in an immersive ambience.

The Biomedical revolution

The gallery spread over an area of 600 sq mtrs uses state of the art exhibits to depict the various aspects of medicine and technology that changed scenario in the medicine and the technology that changed scenario in the medical field. The exhibit ‘history’ of medicine and immunization is presented in an interactive way. Another exhibit ‘The Medical Imaging’ a mock up scanner, explains how the human body is scanned. The exhibit on ‘Diseases mapped to chromosomes’ shows the achievements of the Human Genome Project. The Augment Human is another exhibit where one can explore the possibility of enhancing human capabilities by use of specially designed implants. Another exhibit on ‘Plastination’ shows the new method of preserving bodies for posterity and display some sample like a human heart, lung and other organs. A series of dioramas on Psychology and psychiatry, Immunisation, antiseptics and antibiotics, and Indian tradition in Medicine depict scenes that show the important milestones in the history of medicine. With a right mixture of interactivity, immersive experience and dioramas the gallery runs through the entire gamut of Biomedical Revolution and provides an apt perspective to the visitors.

Fun Science

The fun Science Gallery, spread over an area of 515sq meters, is full of opportunities for visitors to interact, explore and experience various aspects of science in highly entertaining ambience. Most of the exhibits here are participatory which provide hands-on and minds-on experience to visitors.

3D Theatre

Digital technology offers immense avenue to preset images with extraordinary variety. In this theatre, Polaroid based stereo projection creates three dimensional effect. The show gives an immersive experience with the help of special Polaroid spectacles.

Dino Park

This is a prehistoric park with dinosaurs of different era are present along with the flora of Mesozoic era. These display are supported with information regarding their size, weight body construction along with food habits and their life span.

Other Facilities

The Taramandal, an inflatable dome planetarium can accommodate 30 students at a time and present astronomy concepts in a unique and interactive way.

The Science Demonstration Corner has provision to conduct live demonstration and experiments to group of visitor and students to excite them about science.

There is a section “Children Corner” where children can enjoy simple experiments with a lot variety of puzzles and science kits.

Overall, the Regional Science Centre, Jaipur is sure to excite the people to the and create awareness on important topical issues in science and apart form providing effective environment for non-formal science education.

Timings : 9.00 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. and 2.30 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.
closed on Monday and on Deepawali, Goverdhan Pooja, Holi and Dhulandi

Entry fee for Regional Science Centre, Jaipur and Science Park, Jaipur

General : Rs. 20/-
Student : Rs. 15/- (on production of I.Card)
Student Group: Rs. 10/- (Minimum 10 students required for group)

Entry fee for 3D Theatre at Regional Science Centre, Jaipur

Per Person : Rs. 20/-
Student & Students Group : Rs. 10/-

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