State Remote Sensing Application Centre (SRSAC) located at Jodhpur is an important centre. SRSAC has been carrying out detail studies from various types of satellite data for various State/ Central Government Department and Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) for more than three decades. It has been providing underterred services to various user departments of State and other institutions in planning management of natural resources (tapped and Untapped) of the State through remote sensing technique, which is highly latest sophisticated sensitie technique and the only available facility in the State.

The activities of the Centre are broadly:

  • Generation of data bank comprising of temporal and spatial data base products
  • Generation of information system for natural resources
  • Interaction with various user agencies for formation and implementation of development planning using remote sensing technique
  • Undertaking short term and long term experimental and operational remote sensing studies for inventory of various natural resources
  • Collaboration with Department of Space to carry out joint projects
  • Organisation of short term Remote Sensing Trainings for officers of user departments and other institutions to develop Human Resources in Remote Sensing
  • Collaboration with Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India forecasting Wheat, Mustard and Cotton crops in the State



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