How to apply ?

Project proposal in prescribed format should be submitted along with endorsement from the Head of the institution.

Aims & Objectives

  • * To create scientific atmosphere & to bring out the results of various Scientific/R&D projects, the department provides common platform for the scientists of the state.
  • * For this workshops/seminars/conferences etc. either organized or catalytic grant is provided by the department for such type of activities.
  • * Information so exchanged, helps in updating the knowledge of development, occurred in various fields of Science & Technology.
  • * Apart from this, assistance is also provided for organizing users workshops to disseminate the outcomes of the departmentally funded projects.
Who can Apply ?
  • * Major R&D institutions
  • * Universities, Medical & Engineering colleges through Head of the institution

Student Projects Programme

Student Projects Programme

Aim :

  • * To utilize the untapped talent & potentials of the students of S&T stream through implementation of short duration projects (Max one year) in priority areas of the state
  • * Under this programme, financial support is provided to the student during the course of studies under the supervision of a guide teacher of the institution.

Who can Apply ?

  • * Graduate/Post Graduate students of the Engineering Colleges.
  • * Students of Polytechnic Colleges
  • * Graduate/Post Graduate Students of Medical Colleges
  • * Post Graduate Students of Science/Agriculture Colleges

Project Duration : Maximum one year

How to Apply ?

The Project proposal in precribed format (three copies) should be submtited through the Head of Institutation to:

Department of Science & Technology
Vigyan Evam Praudyogiki Bhawan,
Shastri Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Guidelines for Selection of Projects

  • * The project should be relevant to the basic needs and social priorities of the state such as food, shelter, clothing, health, education, transport, communication, environment and pollution etc.
  • * It may be related to the needs of the rural and urban poor and to employment generation and removal of drudgery.

    Project Duration : Maximum one year

    Extent of Financial Assistance - Not exceeding Rs.15000-/ (Rs. Fifteen thousand)

submission of R&D projects proposals

Research & Development projects


  • * To Develop new techniques / technology by implementing R&D Projects ..
  • * To uplift socio-economic status of target group by applied research.
  • * To motivate & support Young Scientists and researchers for R&D activities.
  • * To undertake R&D project for welfare and well being to humanity.
  • * To undertake Research & Development projects which are burning issues and need based in interest of National & State.
  • * To maintain links with R&D Institutions.
  • * Initiates, promotes and coordinates R&D projects of applied nature.
Currently Associated R&D institutions of State
  • * Rajasthan University,
  • * MNIT, Jaipur
  • * Medical Colleges
  • * MLS University,Udaipur
  • * JNV University Jodhpur
  • * Raj, Agri Univ, Bikaner
  • * MPUT Agriculture University, Udaipur
  • * Major S&T Institutions of the State
Who can Apply ?

Procedure :

  • * Under this programme the department invites R&D projects proposals; preferably from the disciplines of Agriculture, Engineering, Biotechnology, Energy, Environment, Health & Hygiene, Life Science, Natural Resource Management, Remote Sensing Techniques etc.
  • * These application oriented R&D projects are entertained through out the year.
  • * The priority is given to those projects which are focused to provide solutions to the problems of burning issues of the state.
  • * After preliminary scrutiny, expert opinion is solicited.
  • * There after, these projects are placed before the Expert Advisory Committee (EAC) for seeking their recommendations. For granting the financial assistance, projects are sent to obtain administrative & financial approval of the Government on the basis of the recommendation of EAC .
Project Period : 2 - 3 years


Objective : Based on solution to the basic and fundamental problems arising in the state i.e. Safe potable water, Reducing poverty, Drudgery removal, Income generation, Use of industrial waste, Guinea worms, Fluorosis etc.

For Improvement or development of new technologies which are more effective, less time and energy consuming.

Project Period : 6 months to 2 years.

Who can apply ?
Scientists working in

  • * R&D institutions
  • * Universities, Professional and Science Colleges
  • * Government Department and NGOs with strong R&D base


Traditional R&D Projects

Objective : Strengthening of traditional sector by integrating it with modern stream of science & technology

Period : 2-3 years

Thrust Area :

To promote eleven point programme of "SUGAM TAQNEEK" Department would give priority to the projects under Research & Development Scheme which are based on the following subjects

  • * Safe drinking water
    * Health for all
    * Gerontology care
    * Safe cooking, clean energy, solar light, rural electrification
    * Food security
    * Skill development for urban sector women employment
    * Agri products and marketing
    * Financial inclusion
    * e-Education and innovation hubs
    * Technology application in Tourism
    * Low cost housing

Besides these subject, project on following topic will also be entertained

  • * Architecture
    * Building material and housing
    * Metal and material textile
    * Water management
    * Forest produces
    * Traditional Industries and artisans


Applied Research Centre

Objectives :

  • *To undertake research on burning issues particularly to applied aspects.
  • * To undertake need based research on regional basis.

    The centre would establishes a link between R&D institutions & actual users. Conduct R&D and outcome of Research projects utilized for the benefit of target groups.

    * At present following two projects being implemented under Applied Research Centre.

    * Fluorosis Affected Children in Rural Areas - Prevention and Cure. (Phase II Operational)
    * Survey and Promotion of Domestic Defluoridation techniques in Tonk District. (Completed)

Travel support Application

Traditional R&D Projects

Objective : Strengthening of traditional sector by integrating it with modern stream of science & technology

Period : 2-3 years

Thrust Area :
Agriculture, Architecture, Building Materiel & Housing , Health Care & Nutrition ,Metal & Material Textile Water management, Forest Produce, Traditional Industries and Artisans.

Who can Apply ?
Government Departments, Research Institutions, Educational Institutions, Reputed Non Government Organizations.

How to Apply ?
The proposal be submitted in prescribed format in three copies through proper channel/ through Head of institution.

Download PDF for Research and Development Project

Download PDF for Workshops/ Seminars/Conferences/Meetings