In Rajasthan, Remote Sensing activities started with the establishment of Aerial Photo Interpretation Laboratory (APIL) in 1979 as a part of centrally sponsored Desert Development programme to assist soil and water conservation planning in the State, under State Agriculture Department.

Later on in 1985 looking to the multi disciplinary utility of Remote Sensing Technology, the laboratory was transferred to State Department of Science & Technology and renamed as State Remote Sensing Application Centre (SRSAC).

Centre is carrying out various projecs for inventory and monitoring natural resources through modern techniques of Remote Sensing and GIS and is providing undeterred services to user community of state holders departments in the state in planning their development activities.

Currently various centrally and state funded projects are under progress at this Centre

* Georeferencing & mosaicing of digitized cadastral mpas using high resolution satellite imagery. Project sponsored by Settlement Department for entire Rajasthan state.

* Generation of village maps for Soil Health Card Scheme using Remote Sensing and GIS Technology. Projects sponsored by Agriculture Department to generate cadastral maps of entire state.

* Monitoring of crop residue burning in Bundi district of Rajasthan using Remote Sensing and GIS technology. Project sponsored by Agriculture Department to map Wheat and Paddy residual burning areas in Bundi district area for 2016, 2017 and 2018 in compliance to Hon'ble Supreme Court order.

* Land Use Land Cover analysis of 10 km radius area of Barsingsar (Bikaner), Matasukh (Nagaur) and Kayad (Ajmer) mines using Remote Sensing and GIS technology. The objective of the project is for environmental monitoring due to mining activity.

* Preparation of Ground Water Quality Maps under RGDWM Project. Project sponsored by National Remote Sensing Centre, ISRO, Hyderabad. The objective is to map the available drinking water for drinking purpose on the basis of chemical analysis of well water for entire state.