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From Grassroots Innovation Augmentation Network (GIAN-North) to State Innovation Council (SIC)

State Innovation Council earlier working as GIAN-North was set up by Dept. of Science & Technology, Govt. of Rajasthan and National Innovation Foundation (NIF) in 2003, to provide incubation support to grassroots technologies. Govt. of Rajasthan provided a Corpus Support of Rs. 1 Crore to GIAN-North and administrative support was provided by NIF since establishment.

Department of Planning mooted the proposal of amalgamation of GIAN-north into State Innovation Council (SIC) which was accepted by Chairman, GIAN-North. The mandates of both SIC and GIAN-North was to promote, support, and popularize innovations. As the objectives of both the organizations were more or less similar, it was proposed that the two organizations work as one entity to support innovations emerging out of State of Rajasthan.

The objective behind the amalgamation was to utilize the experience of GIAN-North in incubating innovations by SIC and to make available financial resources to GIAN-North which it was lacking.

The mandate of SIC is to augment knowledge and creativity at the formal and non-formal sector through identification, support and incubation of technologies and traditional practices. In achieving this, SIC forged alliances with formal bodies of science, technology and management. It worked jointly with other development organizations- government and non-government; and individuals to recognize and scale up the endeavors.


  • * To help Rajasthan become an innovative and creative society and a global leader in sustainable technologies by scouting, spawning and sustaining innovations.

  • * To ensure evolution and diffusion of green innovations in a selection time bound and mission oriented basis so as to the socio-economic and environmental needs of our society.

  • * To provide institutional support in scouting, spawning, sustaining and scaling up innovations and helping their transition to self-supporting activities, seeking self-reliance through competitive advantage of innovation based enterprises and/ or application of people generated sustainable technologies.

  • * To build bridges between excellence in formal scientific systems and informal knowledge network, and link various stakeholders thought applications of information technologies and also otherwise.

  • * To promote wider social awareness and possible commercial and non-commercial applications of the knowhow generated as a result of above and encourage its incorporation in educational curriculum, development policies and programs.


  • * Build State Level Register of innovations and outstanding traditional knowledge. Mobilize entries of state competition through state level nodal officer and other Honey bee collaborators as well as directly from any individual innovators or group or communities. Entries pursued in, or supported by formal R & D institutions are excluded.

  • * Develop a value chain by linking excellence in informal science and formal science and incorporate inputs form design institutions to develop products, prototypes and pursue further research on the viable innovations.

  • * Help innovation to file patents in India as well abroad.

  • * Link innovations, investment (micro venture fund) and enterprise; pursue market research, develop business plans and organize licensing of technologies, ensuring fair share of benefits to be innovators.

  • * Organize workshops, provide national awards, and encourage the participation of innovators in exhibitions to generate (a) social recognition for their creativity, (b) feedback on products and (c) demand for their innovations.

  • * To builds synergy and strengthen network between institutes, government and non-government originations, NGOs, academic and research institutions to mobilize support for innovations.

How to connect?

Individuals or groups send as many entries as possible on plain paper providing genesis of innovation, background of innovation and innovators, and any other information that may help in replicating innovations by communities or individuals. We will appreciate if every entry is accompanied by photograph and / or video of the innovator and innovation with full postal address.

The entries can be sent to

Chief Innovation Manager

State Innovation Council

Regional Science Centre & Science Park,

Shastri Nagar, Jaipur

Rajasthan-302016, India

Tele/Fax: 0141-2304161, 2304787

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