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State Biotech Division

The science of Biotechnology is taking rapid strides. A new field has emerged by integrating Life sciences, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Chemical Engineering and Computer Sciences to combat difficulties arising in biological sciences in day to day life. Biotechnology can have profound impact in the fields of Agriculture, Medicine and Animal Husbandry and Environmental protection. The past several years have witnessed a great conversion of this science in to economic benefits due to its applications in many areas. The science of biotechnology is not limited to laboratories but is emerging as an industrial revolution worldwide. Apart from the potential for the industrial growth, Biotechnology is also emerging as the "science of hope" for society, especially in developing countries. The potential of Biotechnology in producing low cost medicines, nutrition rich food, remediation of environmental degradation, improvement of live stock breed and health, among many other as well recognized.

create an eminent position of Rajasthan in the field of Biotechnology, the Government of Rajasthan announced the Rajasthan Biotech Policy in the year 2015.


  • To establish an eminent position of the State in the field of biotechnology.
  • To create awareness about the new entrepreneurial and job opportunities in the field of biotechnology.
  • To attract biotechnology based industrial investment.
  • To develop bioresource for sustainable commercial use.
  • To create new & harness existing R&D capabilities for industrial/ commercial developments in the State and to promote corporate funding and developing such knowledge.
  • To develop adequate institutional and related infrastructure for development, acquisition and dissemination of biotechnology through out the State.
  • To promote research and development and to establish centres of excellence in frontier area of biotechnology.
  • To foster academia-academia, academia-industry interactions and develop international collaborations.
  • To evolve regulatory and bio-safety guidelines for the state BT industries
  • To strengthen links with DBT- GOI for continuous assistance in various BT projects of the state.

Major Activitie

  • To invite Biotech Industries in the state
  • To generate human resource
  • To create root awareness regarding sector
  • To create strong academic base
  • To initiate, promote and coordinate Biotech R&D projects
  • Assistance to major biotechnology projects in state
  • Assistance to minor biotechnology projects in state
  • Workshops/ Seminars/ Conferences
  • Award to Biotechnology Institutions in state
  • Participation in international Biotechnology Fair/ Exhibition
  • Centre of Excellence