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Science Communication & Popularization


The main objective of communication & popularization of Science programmes is to generate scientific temper among the masses and make the people think, scientifically at every stage and happening in their day-to-day life to make their life easy & simple This can be achieved by encouraging spirit of enquiry among younger generation, create awareness about new scientific approaches/ technologies, foster creativeness and many more methods by organizing carefully drawn programmes. Following activities are under taken for popularization of science.

I. Science Club

To generate interest amongst school students in the field of science by organizing various activities like hobby classes, astronomy & sky watching, health & hygiene, environment awareness, study of rocks & minerals, plants collection, study of insects, pests organizing celebrating various days of scientific importance by taking initiative by the students the scheme of establishing science clubs at school level was started during 8th plan period. Total 5000science clubs has developed so far will require to be strengthened by providing marginal financial assistance up to Rs 10000/- to them.

II. National Science Day

The National Science Day the 28th Feb. is being celebrated every year through out the State to mark the occasion of discovery of "Raman Effect" by Dr C.V. Raman, for which he was awarded with the Nobel Prize for Physics in the year 1930.

To celebrate the occasion in a festive manner various programmes & activities organized in collaboration with established science Clubs in the educational institutes, renowned NGO(s), science laboratories and colleges in the state. Scientists, teachers, Professors, students and even rural people take keen interest in these celebrations. Apart from various programme through out the State the main State level function is also organized at Jaipur. All regional offices also organize the central programme as per central format issued by head quarter.

III. School Science Centre

Department has 24 school science centers which are running in the leading schools of a district. These are aimed to cater the need of promoting scientific activities in remote areas. Initially, the school science centers were established on 50:50 financial share basic of NCSM and State Government. Under this scheme each selected school is provided with toolkits, scientific models, literature for carrying out activities. Beside this number of science popularization activities were organized by the school science centre. All these activities are performed under the technical guidelines of NCSM.

IV. Science Centre Activities

The Department is striving for strengthening of Science Centres activities through its well established Science Centres at Bikaner, Udaipur and Kota. Efforts are being made for popularization of S&T throughout the State through various Science and technology activities.

Science Centres are proposed to be strengthened by equipping with models and exhibits on subjects such as Physical and Applied Science, Natural and Social Science, Environment, Energy, Crafts, etc. These Science Centers will portray the activities of Department and will provide a broad Canvas to S&T activities in the State

V. Contest Programmes

To inspire and to generate the spirit of competition among students and to accelerate their hidden creative talents various contest programmes have been started by the department in past years with an objective to evaluate the knowledge of fundamental principles & concepts in Science, to assess the abilities & interest of students in problem solving, ability to apply the acquired knowledge to solve the day to day problems.

Following competitions/contests are organized every year.
  • State level Science talent Search Competition.
  • State level Science Quiz Competition (incorporating regional level competitions).
  • State level Science model & Teaching aid competition (incorporating regional level competitions).
  • Science Painting Competition
  • Science Drama Festival

VI. Programme & Activities of Popularization of science

The basic theme of the scheme is to train and activate the children through "Do It Yourself" type activities. The activities planned are:

  • Astronomy and telescope making workshop
  • Scientific explanations of myths and miracles
  • Computer awareness programmes
  • Model Rocketry workshop etc
  • Programme for testing of food adulteration
  • Workshop on introduction & application of remote sensing technique
  • Computer hardware technology awareness programme
  • Quality improvement in science teaching
  • Nature Camp. etc