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Science and Society


The broad objective of the programmes related to Science & Society Division is to provide technology-based intervention for overall development of the state through optimal utilization of the resources. Efforts are made to cover a few priority areas in which science & technology could be utilized for the achievement of socio-economic objectives. Following major activities and programmes are undertaken. 

Under various activities of the division efforts have been made to associate National Laboratories and Research Institutions and other specialist institutions in order to utilize the expertise available with these institutions and to link it up with grass root level S&T based field group. Following are the major activities undertaken by Science & Society Division.

I. Pilot/special projects on Appropriate Technology
Pilot/Special Projects on Appropriate Technology Programme is designed to provide a meaningful solution to the specific problem using S&T intervention and/or optimally utilize the local resources through proven technological option.

II. Science & Technology Resource Centre `
For overall improvement in the quality of life in rural areas by providing simple low key technological interventions the department identified a few focal points to act as Science & Technology Resource Centres. Science & Technology Resource Centers are established with an objective to disseminate useful scientific and technological knowledge at the grassroots level. These centers since their inception are acting as a catalytic agent to disseminate appropriate need based technologies and providing technology back up and support services at village level in coordination with various scientific and research & development institutions for low key technology adoption by the community.
Following 8 E-based STRCs are established by Department in association with project implementing agencies.

S. No

Name of STRC

Project implementing agency


Neemrana, Alwar

Farmer Training Centre, PNB, Neemrana, Alwar


Kanwarpura, Kota

Rajasthan Environment & Development Agency, Kota


Bahadurwas, Jhunjhunu

Samgra Vikas Sansthan, Jhunjhunu


Bambore, Jodhpur

Thar Voluntary Society, Jodhpur


Chandesara, Udaipur

Vigyan Samiti, Udaipur


Kumher, Bharatpur

LUPIN Human Welfare & Research Foundation, Bharatpur


Dadanpura, Jaipur

Kumarappa Gram Swaraj Sansthan, Jaipur


Kanpura, P.S. Srinagar, Distt. Ajmer

Social Works & Environment for Rural Development, Kanpura, Ajmer 

Following programmes /activities are organized at each STRC.
  • Technology demonstration camps
  • Strengthening of solar powered E resource centre
  • Focused grouped discussion 
  • Promotion of alternative fuels
  • Technology transfer for organic farming
  • Diffusion of need based  technology in coordination with GIAN -N
  • Skill up gradation programmes for artisans
III. Science & Technology for Women
This scheme focuses women as a specific target group.  The objective of this scheme is to promote and adaptation of technology, improvement in the working conditions, life and opportunities for gainful employment of women, especially in rural areas, also includes the awareness generations and to increase the contribution of women to science technology & development.

Following priority areas have been identified under the scheme.
  • Specific Science & Technology application Programmes to solve problems of women in different region.
  • Drudgery removal techniques.
  • Involvement of women in low cost preservation & processing.
  • Use of income generation technologies.
  • Health, Water Management and Sanitation.
  • Involvement of Women in modern industries, particularly in Electrical & electronic industry.
  • Studies, Workshops and Seminars concerning Women problem.
IV. Technology Procurement
For dissemination of emerging technologies to the actual user, need for developing a strong database of the stake holder’s was a felt need. It is proposed that systematic documentation of the latest technologies, production of appropriate literature in local dialect and development of relevant audio-visual aid and procurement of proto-types of new and innovative technologies is carried out .
V. Technology Day Celebration
In pursuit to the declaration of 11th May as Technology Day every year, Technology Day is celebrated in coordination with Scientific Institutions/
VI. Technology Demonstration & Training Center

Technology Demonstration & Training Centre scheme is implemented through Regional Offices of the department with a view to identify the areas where S&T intervention can be fruitfully utilized for economic and social upliftment of the community.

Under the scheme programmes and activities are designed to disseminate the appropriate low key technologies at the grassroots level in coordination with technical and research institutions.

Following programmes/ activities are undertaken under the scheme.
  • Technology demonstration camps in popular rural melas/ exhibition at Nagaur   cattle fair, Parvatsar cattle fair (Nagaur), Veneshwar Mela Durgapura, Chandrabhaga cattle fair (Jhalrapatan) Jaswant mela.
  • Skill up gradation programme for artisans.
  • Specialized training programmes.
  • Transfer of appropriate low key technology for improving sanitation
VII. Workshop/ Seminar on Science & Society Related Activities 
Sensitizing the S&T field groups through Workshops and Seminars, with active participation of the department and national level research organizations may result in generating location specific problems and appropriate S&T interventions for addressing such problems. Consultative / interactive workshop are organized at regional level on the activities of science & society division.
Major achievements of SSD Division
  • Design & field dissemination of Hand Pump attachable de-fluoridation plant based on activated alumina.
  • Design & installation of community level de-fluoridation pilot demonstration plant in village Moondli, Jaipur.
  • Installation of community managed RO plant at village Kisari  District Jhunjhunu, Thikarikalan District Nagaur, Bhojdesar District Sikar and Chachiawas District Ajmer.
  • Application of Biofuels as diesel substitute.
  • Computer hardware technology awareness programme
  1. Kanayaha goshala, Jodhpur
  2. Mulrlimanohar goshala, Bikaner
  3. Krishan Gopal goshala, Jaswantgarh, Nagaur
  4. Adarsh Gopal goshala, Nathdwara
  5. Gopalvardhan goshala, Panchmeda
Future project of SSD Division
WAR for Water
Problems associated with water can be broadly grouped as a) availability of water b) poor quality of water for the intended use c) Indiscriminate use of a valuable natural resource namely water. The technological approaches for solving the problems may therefore emanate from a) winning water from sustainable resources b) augmentation of quality of water from available and accessible sources c) renovation for recycle. A technology Mission on Winning, Augmentation and Renovation (WAR) for water is proposed to address the directives of the Supreme Court of India to the Union Ministry of Science and Technology. The proposed mission is to undertake research led solution on war footing through national and coordinated approach.  In the state of Rajasthan sites has been identified in consultation with Water Resource Department and entire survey work has been completed. The appropriate technological solution for identified water related problems will be provided by technology providers.
  • Pilot project on identification,  inventorisation and documentation of location specific problem requiring S&T intervention
  • Pilot Demonstration project on Social diffusion of improved hand    pump.(27.25lacs)
  • Pilot Demonstration project on design and development of improved Kiln for Bangle making in Bharatpur district.(6.09lacs)
  • Pilot Demonstration project for Biogas enrichment& bottling system for rural and automobile application.(114.25lacs)
  • Pilot Demonstration project on custom hiring of Animal drawn farm implements in tribal area of Rajasthan.(12.92lacs)
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