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The department of Science and Technology was established in the Year 1983 to develop scientific temper in the society and to uplift the socio economic status of the masses especially in the rural areas and the weaker section of the society with the input of science and technology.

The department caters the need of science and technology requirements of the state and takes necessary measures to promote utilization of science and technology for enhancing socio economic status of the state. Various programmes and activities of the department are executed through well established regional offices located at Ajmer (H.Q. Jaipur), Bikaner, Kota, Jodhpur and Udaipur. Addition to these regional offices State Remote Sensing Application Centre, Jodhpur is also working under this Department.

Objectives of the Department

  • To take necessary measures to promote utilization of Science and Technology for the achievement of the socio-economic objectives.
  • To identify areas in which science and technology can be utilized for achieving the socio-economic objectives of the state, and in particular, the objectives of tackling the problems of backwardness, unemployment and poverty in the rural areas.
  • To vigorously foster scientific research in universities and other academic, scientific and engineering institutions; and attract the brightest young persons to careers in science and technology, by conveying a sense of excitement concerning the advancing frontiers, and by creating suitable employment opportunities for them. Also to build and maintain centers of excellence, which will raise the level of work in selected areas to the highest international standards.
  • To initiate, support, promote and co-ordinate such research and development projects, and programmes (including demonstration projects) as are likely to be relevant to the achievement of specific objectives and problems and help in the fruitful exploitation of the natural resources of the State through various institutions and organizations in the state.
  • Exploring new areas for extending scope of research activities particularly in areas of Nanotechnology, Bio technology, satellite communication, etc.
  • To promote the popularization of Science and to inculcate scientific temper and attitude amongst the people of the state and to disseminate scientific knowledge through establishment of Science City/ Science centers/ Science Parks.
  • Assessment of status of Science Education at school level and formulation of Action Plan for strengthening the Science Education in Rajasthan.
  • Collaboration with International/ National Scientific research organizations/ CSIR labs for exploring new areas of possible technology transfer and Replication of successful technologies in coordination with line departments of the state.
  • Programmed based cooperation/coordination with other scientific bodies and state councils.
  • Preparation of Data bases of Natural Resources of State using GIS and Remote Sensing Techniques.
  • Exploring avenues for interface between industry and academia for identification of specific needs in terms of HR development. Organizing of S &T based entrepreneurship Trainings for S&T persons.
  • * Formulation of Science & Technology Vision of Rajasthan
  • * Assistance in identification of S & T gaps and preparation of strategy for bridging them.
  • * To strengthen and support creativity of grassroots innovators.
  • * To institute prizes and awards for Students and Research & Development work in Science and Technology.
  • * To establish an Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) regime which maximizes the incentives for the generation and protection of intellectual property by all types of inventors? The regime would also provide a strong, supportive and comprehensive policy environment for speedy and effective domestic commercialization of such inventions so as to be maximal in the public interest.