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Science Park Jhalawar

Fun Science


Outdoor Dinosaur Model

Its main aim is to improve scientific temperament of students, teachers & common people. It has 75 outdoor models by which anybody can understand common & complex phenomenon of Physics, Math & other Sciences Eco tube, which provides the unique experience of sound echo.

Transmission of sound waves from one dish antenna to another dish antenna provides the understanding of wave communication through air.

Periscope provides to understand reflection phenomena of light through mirrors. There are several other models which are capable to explain many scientific phenomena in very easy & interactive manner.

Apart of that Jhalawar Science Park have a portable Mini Planetarium which provides the experience of stars & their positions. Science Park has Dinotorium and a Solar Power Plant of 15 KW.


Timings: 10.00 AM TO 6.00 PM closed on government holidays

Ticket issue timings: 10.00 AM TO 5.30 PM

Weekly holiday on Monday

Entry Fee for Park

General: Rs. 5/-

Student :Rs. 3/- (on producing of I.Card)

Student Group (20) : Rs. 2/- per student

Free entry on National Science Day (28th February)

Science Park, Jhalrapatan, Jhalawar